Round 1


What has become one of G’s personal favourites, Henham Park, the home of the Latitude festival provides a really handsome change of gear from the Cyclo Cross to MTB season. Plenty to keep the heart pumping but nothing too challenging technically.

Entry is by the two-storey lodge which forms an archway over the entrance drive. The south drive runs north from there through parkland down towards the western tip of the lake. From here it sweeps up through the valley along the west boundary before rising through West Hill to the higher ground.
The course will be in this area, and will use both previous favourite sections and the odd surprise for 2020.

Round 2


The iconic “Pringle” Velodrome building dominates Lee Valley Velopark. The London Olympics has left us with a fantastic cycling legacy with Track, Circuit, BMX and MTB all on the one site.
The trails here were designed and built by MTB Trail legend Dafydd Davies of Coed Y Brenin fame utilising rubble from the site clearance…. Re-Cycle takes on a whole new meaning here!

Originally, we only ever put an MSG event here to demonstrate that the much criticised “unraceable” trails, were in fact eminently raceable. However, the course immediately became an absolute favourite and has become a regular ever since…. not surprising really when you think who built it… the Father of all trail centres!…..

As an urban venue, it does have its issues, both with space and with variety, but as long as the MSG Massif like it we’ll continue to provide it….
Don’t forget to get your action shot from Basil or John with the Pringle in the background.

Round 3


Just a few minutes off the A14,  there is a weird world inhabited by trail pixies and bike divas. Twisted Oaks is a new bike park, still very much being shaped and moulded. Its owned and run by local riders so already there are lots of really good interesting things to play with. It currently boasts several well formed sections, a jump area and a cross country loop…. We will be bringing all of these things together for you to provide yet another top quality MSG event….. As always don’t panic if your skills are a little absent or rusty we won’t force you through things that require massive skillsets.

If you haven’t already been there you might want to check it out here….  Its sick apparently 

Round 4


Here at MSG Towers we do like a stately home, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we’ve found another one. To be more accurate Stowmarket and District cycling club who will be our partners at this event found it. Having held a very successful Cyclo Cross event there in 2019, we were overwhelmed with folk suggesting it would also be a great MSG venue. Obviously we had to take a look, and they were not wrong. Right alongside the A14 between Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds, the course will utilise estate trails and the lie of the land to come up with a picturesque and physically demanding course. For those who remember it…. shades of Ickworth House…

Round 5


Remember Bluebellgate?? As at all venues we endeavour to respect the natural environment and Carver 2019 was no exception.

Carver is the home to the Armies Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit so if you find an IED in your back garden these are the guys to call.

Carver as an MTB venue is something of an enigma. Its a World War 2 airfield and therefore pan flat. However, Andrew Riley and his team have turned it into one of the more challenging venues that we use. This year we are looking to ring in some changes, with a proposal for a new arena site, and a course which dips in and out of the woods more than previously breaking it up into shorter segments to improve overtaking opportunities. We will of course be using the mound to add some spice, but who knows we might find you something new to play with there too.

Round 6


Last years Thickthorn events showcased this new stately home venue fairly well. However, always willing to learn and move forward we will be reducing the length of the course and upping the number of times you get to the features in the pit as a result.

Last year the Bumblebee drop proved a real crowd pleaser both for spectators and for riders…. mind you it is entirely possible we may reassemble the flatpack feasture kit differently because G lost the instructions…..