First and foremost, Mud Sweat and Gears is intended to be fun, and by no means should riders worry themselves as to what to do or whether they are good enough as there will be plenty of support and advice available from fellow competitors and officials on the day.

We also build into all of our courses A and B lines where the Race Director deems the technical challenges that are presented as not rideable by the majority of entrants…. (Don’t worry he has a very low expectation in that respect!) Worst case get off your bike and pass the B line on foot. The Race will be managed on the day by the Race Director and British Cycling. But for those who will be taking their racing seriously, a guide has been developed below.


To start each race the officials will call your category to the start area. They will then call up each category at a time – gridding the top series contenders to the front. (Gridding for the first round will be based on the 2019 Series results). The decisions on how to start, whom and where on the day will be made by the Race Director and Commissaire on the grounds of expediency but mostly safety. Different courses have different issues and our objective is to get everyone away safely.

NB: visiting riders who do not have a previous result for gridding purposes can apply to the organisers in advance and are welcome to do so. Do not however expect it on the day we are unable to check previous results and are way too busy to deal with it.


Riders will race for a predetermined number of laps (notified on the day) with the winners being those who complete their designated laps in the quickest time. When the first rider (leader on the course regardless of category) has completed all the predetermined laps, all riders from all categories will be asked to finish at the end of their current lap.

Each event will follow the same format, but the number of laps and lap length will depend upon the venue. As a guide we aim to design courses which will take the fastest rider around 12 -15 minutes to complete one lap, covering a distance of 4 – 6 kilometres. Within each ‘race’ there are a number of categories based on age and ability. Please see the FAQ page for category explanations.


For those who are interested in British Cycling ranking points for your specific BC category we want to help you get these. All entrants holding a racing licence placing in the top 20 (Regional A level) of their respective BC category (excluding Open and Under 12’s categories) will gain BC ranking points.


A racing licence is not compulsory but is necessary to gain British Cycling ranking points. To see the benefits of becoming a British Cycling member please visit