Under 12’s

There may be no coached session, as current rules prohibit us from groups larger than 5 riders to one coach.

If so, instead there will be an all-inclusive Under 12’s race. This will follow the usual format for the Under 12’s race with a sighting lap at the start followed by a 20-minute race. In these circumstances all entries for Novices will automatically be transferred to the Under 12’s race.


Under 12 Experts 12:45pm 1.05pm 20 mins £10.00
Under 12 Novices (If Available) 10:00am 11:30 am 1 ½ hrs £10.00
Male Cat 1 2:00pm 3:45pm 1 ¾ hrs £28.00
Male Cat 2 2:15pm 3:45pm 1 ½ hrs £24.00
Male Cat 3 10:00am 11:15am 1 ¼ hrs £20.00
Male Cat 4 10:15am 11:15am 1 hr £16.00
Female Cat 1 11:15am 12:45pm 1 ½ hrs £24.00
Female Cat 2 11:30am 12:45pm 1 ¼ hrs £20.00
Female Cat 3 11:45am 12:45pm 1 hr £16.00


  1. All events for the foreseeable future will run under COVID secure protocols. Please be sure to read the pre-race briefing which will be sent out once entries close. Important things to note are ….
      1. Riders and spectators must comply with the COVID secure rules which will be issued in the event briefing notes once entries are closed.
      2. No person may participate or attend knowing themselves to be showing symptoms of, or having been found to be suffering from a COVID infection.
      3. A maximum of £7.50 of adult fees and £3.00 of Under 12 fees may be considered as an administration fee and thus potentially non-refundable.
      4. The organiser undertakes to use their best endeavours to minimise any costs prior to the event and thereby minimise the risk of loss to entrants in the event of cancellation.
      5. Accordingly, the absolute maximum retention during a mass refund will be £7:50 of adult and £3:00 of Under 12 entry fees, however, we would hope that it can be managed to substantially less than that.
      6. Except in the case of cancellation, (especially due to COVID 19 outbreaks or restrictions), entries are only refundable up to 14 days prior to the event.
      7. Between 14 & 7 days prior to the event, entries can be transferred to a later date, again that is except in the case of cancellation due to COVID 19 outbreaks or restrictions, where a refund, as described at c. above will be the only option.
  1. MSG 2021 will run as a league, with 4 Male & 3 Female ability divisions, plus separate events for Under 12 novices and Under 12 experts. Under 12’s events are fun based and whilst expected to be competitive will not promote winner or loser status.
  2. At the end of 2021 season there will be a firming up possibly including promotion and relegation between divisions. This will be on the basis of equalising numbers in divisions and allocating riders to the most appropriate division for their race ability.
  3. Due to COVID precautions there will be no podiums at races. Partially for that reason and partially to minimise costs, there will be no on the day prizes. It is intended that there will be end of season Series prizes (see 12. below).
  4. It is the rider’s responsibility to select the appropriate ability division to suit their own level of ability. Detailed analysis of prior results giving an indicative category suggestion is available
  5. Riders may opt to ride up or ride down to suit their own needs, however, if riding down is the chosen option, then League status may be withdrawn so as to remove unfair advantage.
  6. League points will be awarded according to the total number of male or female entries to the overall event, so for example if there are 400 male entries spread over the 4 divisions, 1st place in division 1 will receive 400 points and the last place in Division 4 would receive 1.
  7. To encourage competitive racing the first 10 places in each division will be rewarded with a bonus factor of 1.1, rounded to the nearest full number. Therefore, if the first place in Division 1 were to receive 400 ordinary points that would become 400 x 1.1 = i.e., 440 points in total. Likewise, if first place in Division 2 were to be awarded 300 points that would become 330.
  8. The bonus points system has the additional effect of encouraging riders not to enter an inappropriate category as the top ten riders in the category below will overtake those at the bottom of the category above.
  9. Races will be run on the basis of laps completed within the allotted time. The official race time will be shown on a digital display at the finish line (Errors and Omissions excepted). It is the rider’s responsibility to make decisions regarding pace and time elapsed against time remaining. Where riders have completed the same number of laps, finishing order will be judged by time taken to complete those laps. Any laps completed outside of the allotted time will not count.
  10. Riders will be gridded after Round 1 on the basis of points held. For round 1 only the organiser will utilise a ranked list of average lap times from prior MSG events to determine gridding positions.
  11. Riders who have not raced in the series previously may at any point in the series provide the organiser with a detailed account of recent results from other events and request priority gridding. This must be done by the end of the Monday prior to the event. i.e., details received by the Monday 12:00 midnight will be considered. In this the organisers decision is final.
  12. Series prizes to be awarded according to the top 3 places in each of the following age categories. (Age is calculated as the age as at 1st January at the outset of the age group and age as at 31st December at the close.)
  • Under 12: Age as at 31/12/2021
  • Juvenile: Age 13 – 14 inclusive
  • Youth: Age 15 – 16 inclusive
  • Junior Age 17 – 18 inclusive
  • Under 23: Age 19 – 22 inclusive
  • Senior: Age 23 – 29 inclusive
  • Master: Age 30 – 39 inclusive
  • Veteran: Age 40 – 49 inclusive
  • Grand Veteran: Age 50 – 59 inclusive
  • Super Veteran: Age 60 and over
  1. For 2021 Series prizes will be awarded according to total points accrued in the season, regardless of how many events a rider has competed in. For Under 12 riders prizes will be awarded by criteria devised by the organiser, but will not be on the basis of winner/loser
  1. Races are organised respecting UCI Guidance on young riders’ endurance. Thus: –
  • Under 12 riders may not compete in any Division of racing other than that specifically for their age group.
  • Juvenile and Youth riders may not compete in any Division exceeding 1 hour in duration, i.e., Division 4 for males and Division 3 for females only.
  • Junior riders may not compete in any Division exceeding 1 hour 30 minutes in duration i.e., up to Division 2 for Males.
  1. Apart from as stated above British Cycling/UCI XCO rules apply.
  2. In the event of dispute, the organisers decision is final.