Since 2008 we have promoted over 100 race events including UCI Internationals, National Championships, National Series and are therefore considered to be one of the leading off road organisers in the UK.


Based in the Eastern region and covering a wide area and variety of courses and terrain it has something for everyone.


We try and offer something for all as no one rider is the same with the same abilities so variety is the key.


We create courses that are challenging but we also add A and B lines where required so you can build your confidence as a rider without being forced into riding anything you’re not comfortable with.


We cover a wide area so we try and cover a good range of locations to make it fair on everyone.


We love what we do, we welcome all comers, and we try our hardest to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere to anyone who wants to give it a go.


Back in 2008 there were just 4 organised race events in the Eastern Region, what with Beastway being bulldozed to make way for the Olympics. So when Active Essex decided to set up a race series many thought they might just be crazy. If those many had sat in on some of the initial planning they might well have thought themselves justified.

What came out was a cohesive plan to change the MTB Cross country scene in the East beyond all recognition. Careful thought was given to what might be needed to do that and a set of objectives were mapped out, such as….

  • Make Flatland MTB Sexy
  • Make Coaching a thing in MTB
  • Reverse engineer MTB into clubs
  • Grow the official’s pool in the region both in size and in quality
  • Raise the skills bar
  • Get an Eastern region rider into Team GB

Given that East Anglia is now the leading Cross Country race region in the UK by a country mile we might be forgiven for the occasional smirk at the naysayers. However, we prefer to see it as its better to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit! Even better still to smash it out of the park and that is what we continue to aspire to do.